Due Dilligence

hotel front desk 2Hotel acquisitions are very complex as the nature of the interrelated business and real estate components can be complicated and require several professional disciplines to decipher.  Our team will train and walk through the process with you to optimize cost and benefit to you.

Given the complex nature of the interrelated business and real estate components of a hotel, the analysis and process of acquisition can be as complicated or as simple as the potential buyer wants to make it, recognizing that there are practical limitations to the human and financial resources that can be applied to a field of potential purchases. Conversely, there is a real benefit to added information and it is usually the most informed purchasers who get the best deals. The informed purchaser process through a series of steps designed to optimize the cost/benefit ratio of information.  From the purely business standpoint, ownership rationale can vary from active to passive involvement. Some owners position strategically for the short term, while others take a longer view. In other instances, owners prefer to base their investment on yield or return requirements, which can vary, based on alternative investments available, strategic consideration, and other factors. Decision criteria are unique to each buyer.  Given the hotel’s dual nature as both a business and real estate , an investor should be sure to have the advice of those familiar with the hotel industry. Typically, and investor will assemble a team of many professionals who will assist in the overall evaluation of a hotel property.  TIHP removes the headaches from the due diligence process and works closely with the investor throughout the analysis phase.



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